Renewed tensions in Ludaing as 11 arrested men brutally tortured, two in critical condition

April 4, 2017

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Maungdaw- Two men arrested from Ludaing are in critical condition following brutal torture in the Thanashuk.

Md Hossain (s/o Sayeed Ullah) and Md Idris (s/o Md Hashim) are in a near death state and might die anytime, according to sources in Maungdaw town.

One source however said the two men have already died on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the situation of the nine other detainees are also worrisome as they continue to be subjected to unbearable torture.

Custodial torture of Rohingya men are common with hundreds dead and many more maimed since 2012. Thousands of Rohingya men arrested in recent years have been subjected to merciless torture.

Some men who were arrested during the clearance operation had their eyes gouged out in the Thanashuk.

Incidentally Ludaing was raided on Saturday, and almost a hundred detained. These 11 men were then taken away by the joint forces.

Ludaing was one of the villages that was continuously attacked from October to December last year with dozens killed and many raped.

Much of the population had already fled to Bangladesh.