"We killed 12 Muslims last year...", gangs roam freely in Kyauktaw

April 6, 2017

Akyab- A fisherman was brutally assaulted by a Buddhist nationalist gang in Sangra Bil, Kyauktaw.

On Sunday, Mohammed Nazum was fishing near the Painzuma canal when he was met by a gang led by Buddhist monk Hla Maiung Sa from the neighbouring village. The monk told him that last year they had killed 12 Muslims but no action has been taken against them as they fell upon the fisherman.

At one stage of the assault, Nazum managed to escape his attackers and ran away to his village.   

Rohingya villagers in the southern townships including Kyauktaw, Mamra, Pathor Keela and Akyab have been surviving in a state of blockade since the riots of 2012. Activists allege this is a systematic effort to keep the Rohingyas away from the woods and waterways from where they can earn a living, thus create starvation and force the beleaguered community to move out of the area.

A tense atmosphere is currently prevailing in Sangra Bil as locals wonder how they can continue to earn a livelihood with the Buddhist nationalist gangs roaming around freely around their settlements.