Hlun Htein enters Bura Shidha Para to investigate rape, instead indulges in arrest and extortion

April 7, 2017

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Maungdaw- Hlun Htein personal arrested one man and fined another on trumped up charges of possessing illegal Bangladeshi phones in the restive village tract of Bura Shidha Para on Wednesday.

The arrested man has been identified as Sayedul Amin. He was assaulted before his arrest, and there is confusion regarding his current whereabouts with family members fearing he has been tortured.

Another villager, Noor Kabir was forced to pay 300,000 kyats for allegedly possessing a mobile phone.  

The Hlun Htein men entered the village for ‘investigating’ rape allegations filed by local women against Tatmadaw personal.

The complaints from the Bura Shidha Para women are only one of the two cases where Rohingyas have been allowed to file rape charges against the Tatmadaw.

It is estimated much of the female populace in some of the village tracts in Maungdaw North were sexually harassed during the Tatmadaw led clearance operation.

The government has formed investigation commissions which have promised to deliver justice, but independent analysts have questioned their motives.

Last week, the Maungdaw District Administrator reaffirmed the government’s commitment to punish rapists, a sentiment echoed by Aung Saan Suu Kyi. However as the event demonstrates, it is difficult to expect justice when the forces involved in crimes against the Muslim community are delegated the responsibility of righting the wrong.