Student goes missing after Hlun Htein finds BD phone

April 25, 2017

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Maungdaw- A religious student is missing after being apprehended by Hlun Htein forces in the restive village tract of Maung Hna Ma in Maungdaw North.

Zubair was walking in the street on Tuesday at around 8am when the security personal intercepted and searched him. They found a phone with a Bangladesh SIM card in his possession.

Generally, in these cases, the Rohingyas are let off with a fine and low level assault. However, the Hlun Htein treated Zubair much more roughly and have taken him to an undisclosed location. As a result, there is tension in the area concerning his whereabouts.

Incidentally many Rohingyas keep Bangladeshi phones to keep in touch with friends and relatives on the other side of the border. At present, almost half of the Rohingya populace reside in the neighbouring country.

Local sources are saying security forces are getting tougher as there seems to be a sentiment that the ‘final solution’ i.e. the complete destruction and expulsion of Rohingya Muslims is about to come and as a result they are adopting more stringent measures against Rohingyas.

Maung Hna Ma was also one of the villages where there was a high level of violence during the recent crackdown.