Eight households knocked off the family list in Yong Chaung

April 25, 2017


Buthidaung- Hlun Htein forces entered Yon Chaung and seized identification papers from eight people.

The forces entered the village at around 10 am and launched a house by house search, seemingly to check if all the residents were local people enlisted in the family list. However, they alleged that eight of the men had suspicious papers, though they have been residing in the village for a long time and had their names in the family list.

All their identification papers were seized and the eight men have been asked to report to the station at a later date. It is likely their entire families are about to face similar circumstances.

In the absence of papers, Rohingya Muslims can face all sorts of baseless allegations such as being terrorists from another part of the country or a recent intruder from Bangladesh.

In such cases, victims are often forced to leave the country to escape arrest and torture.