Hlun Htein says refugees who fled to Bangladesh are terrorists, threatens their families

May 11, 2017


Maungdaw- Hlun Htein forces looted valuables during a night raid in the restive village tract of Ludaing in Maungdaw North and made threats to households whose family members had taken refuge in Bangladesh.

At around 11pm on Tuesday, forces from the nearby Naffura camp joined with personal stationed in a Ludaing school camp and entered the village, launching a house by house search. In the houses they entered, they turned it upside down and took all valuables especially cash and gold stuff.

The Hlun Htein personal also threatened households whose family members were not present during the raid. As Ludaing was one of the villages targeted by the Tatmadaw led forces during the recent clearance operations, much of the population had fled to Bangladesh. Hlun Htein however stated that these population had gone to the hills for terrorist training.

Locals allege the night raid by Hlun Htein was nothing but a pretext for robbery.

A tensed atmosphere is prevailing in the area as Hlun Htein has taken up positions and locals anticipate more raids in coming days in ‘search’ of the missing villagers which might serve as a pretext for atrocities.