13 year girl kidnapped and forced to marry local influential in Bangladesh

May 12, 2017


Teknaf- A 13 year girl was kidnapped from the Kutupalong refugee camp and forced to marry a 60 year influential local man in Kutupalong.

Rabeya had arrived along with her family from Na Sa Gru following the recent Tatmadaw operation and settled on the temporary shelters erected alongside A block of the Kutupalong unregistered camp. The area is controlled by a local influential man Hamidul Haque who collects rent from the refugees.

About a month back, Hamidul started making indecent approaches towards Rabeya. When his father Hossain Ahmed protested the incident, Hamidul slapped him and threatened him with dire consequences if he ever dared to open his mouth again.

Matters took a more serious turn when Hamid and two of his henchmen forced Rabeya, his father Hossain and mother Sufiya Khatun to accompany them to Cox’s Bazar on April 24.

On reaching Cox’s Bazar, Rabeya was forced to take the marriage vows. When her parents protested, they were confined to another room and grievously assaulted.

After that the parents were told to go back to Kutupalong camp.

Nobody has seen or heard from Rabeya since then.