Raids continue in Kyan Taung, eight houses burned down

May 27, 2017

 0628 ka p

Buthidaung- Joint forces once again launched a raid in the remote village tract of Kyan Taung and burned down eight houses on Wednesday.

At around 2pm, the forces comprising of Tatmadaw, Hlun Htein and MPF officials entered the Ali Rowa hamlet of the village tract and began a house by house search.

At one point, they surrounded eight isolated houses separated from the main settlement by a waterway, and burned it down.

The remote village tract has been tense since May 6 when armed forces raped dozens of women in the hamlet of Themi after an explosion in the nearby hills.

Information from Kyan Taung is difficult to get owing to the remoteness of the area.

Many Rohingyas in the area have been killed in the surrounding hills by Tatmadaw personal in recent years but the cases have gone mainly unreported.

The area does not have neighbouring settlements. The hills surrounding the village tract are inhabited by isolated tribes who stay away from the affairs of the outside world.