Four slave labourers attacked by Rakhine gangsters in Rathedaung

May 27, 2017


Buthidaung- Four slave labourers were brutally attacked and injured when gangsters from the Rakhine community attacked them on Tuesday.

The four men from Tangana para in Rathedaung were forced to work in the nearby BGP camp from 8 am to 4pm without any payment. As they were returning home following work, a gang of miscreants fell on them with sharp weapons.

One of the victims, Md Hossain is in a critical condition as he has received deep cuts in the ankles.

The incident once again highlights the insecurity of Rohingyas who go out of their village to earn a livelihood, as it demonstrates anyone leaving the village risks being attacked by the miscreants who have effectively enforced a blockade on many village tracts with the backing of security forces, creating conditions of artificial starvation.

While these men were slave labourers, loggers and fishermen in the area have basically been cut off from livelihood sources and are now also being blocked from accessing the marketplaces.

Meanwhile, the practise of slave labour, more common during the era of the now disbanded Na Sa Ka is making a comeback as both the army and BGP are starting to rely on this practise.