Arrests and custodial torture in Hassu Rata and Knone Na Para


June 5, 2017

Maungdaw- Many villagers have been arrested and severely beaten up in custody on allegations of being associated with Muslim rebels in the coastal areas of Maungdaw South, according to our correspondent in the area.

A source has said that most of these men have since been released after being severely beaten up in custody. All of them had to pay a huge amount of ransom money, making their families go bankrupt, said the source.

The arrests started on Tuesday when a man named Bulu was apprehended by Hlun Htein when he went to visit his in-laws in Hassu Rata. The forces searched his mobile phone and took numbers belonging to men in the nearby village tract of Knone Na Para.

Following that two other men were arrested from the area.

These two men were taken to the local camp in Hassu Rata and severely tortured. Following that, the Hlun Htein made several more arrests mainly from the area, though it is not known on what basis.

Sources say the two men from Knone Na Para were made to give up names of some social workers who have been advocating for the rights of the Rohingya populace.