Army throw stones at Muslims attending Fajr prayers


June 12, 2017

Maungdaw- Tatmadaw personal threw stones and sharp objects at mosque goers in Nsa Sa Gru on Wednesday, according to our correspondent in the area.

In the early dawn hours, the army entered the Pyoung Paik hamlet and began throwing stones, and sharp objects like broken bottles at the Muslim worshippers who were doing their ablutions with water (wudu) before starting the dawn (fajr) prayers. At this point, many Rohingyas were hit by the brickbats thrown by the army, with an elderly man sustaining critical injuries.

Due to the army attack, the locals had to refrain from going to the mosque.

Later at around 7.30 am, they took up aggressive positions and pointed their guns at the villages. Some of the soldiers then entered the houses and began snatching Rohingya property including solar panels, the sole means for most households to get electricity.

The looting has meant a huge loss for the already destitute Rohingyas.

Nsa Sa Gru was one of the village tracts attacked by the army during the clearance operations of late 2016. Dozens were killed especially in the first few days after the operations started on October 9 when a huge force invaded the village tract and shot at anyone in sight.