Security forces go on rampage in Gaw Du Thaya


June 17, 2017

Maungdaw- Tatmadaw and Hlun Htein personal went on a rampage in Gaw Du Thaya, Maungdaw South, alleging the entire village of sheltering ‘terrorists’.

Dozens of security personal entered the village tract on Wednesday at around 4.30 pm and started demolishing houses, according to our correspondent in the area. During this time, the occupants of the houses fled the scene but at least one was apprehended and taken away.

The security forces did not target any particular house but just started kicking and hitting at everything in their way. 19 houses were destroyed altogether.

The joint forces once again started demolition on Friday but postponed their work due to heavy rain, saying they would come back.

During the operation, the men shouted at the Rohingyas in filthy language cursing their race and religion.

A tense atmosphere is prevailing in the area since last week after a pro regime village admin was killed by unidentified assailants.  

Though Gaw Du Thaya has been calm during the recent clearance operations in Northern Maungdaw, it is known as a traditional hotspot for violence. The village is adjacent to Kila Dong, the site where dozens of women and children were hacked to death by a Rakhine mob backed by security forces in January 2014.