Pregnant women face abuse and assault in Taung Pyo hospital


June 17, 2017

Maungdaw: The hospital in Taung Pyo, Maungdaw North is one of the last places of Arakan where Rohingya Muslims can go for medical care, but that might be about to change. Many sick patients, and even pregnant women are facing increasing harassment in this Taung Pyo hospital, according to our correspondent in the area. Generally, Rakhine hospital staff don’t treat Muslim patients.

Many of the women say they face abusive language and are even being pushed around by the hospital authorities. At least two women, five month pregnant Hamida and three month pregnant Fatima were denied treatment and were slapped by a Rakhine woman when they protested the abusive treatment.

Locals say under these circumstances, many say they might avoid the health centre.

In many other places, especially in the government hospitals of Rakhine dominated areas, pregnant women have been poisoned to death in recent years. Under such circumstances, those who can afford it enter Bangladesh for medical treatment.