At least ten arrested and tortured in Bali Bazaar, BGP loot savings of poor families



June 21, 2017

Maungdaw- BGP arrested at least ten men from Boli Bazaar in Maungdaw North, took them to Camp no. 24, and tortured them throughout the day, before releasing them in the evening on Monday, according to our local correspondent.

During the raid, the BGP also ransacked around 15 houses, and took away valuables, including cash, that the destitute Rohingya households have been saving up.

Additionally, around ten men from the village was taken away and tortured throughout the day.

Sources say that not only have some of the men been beaten mercilessly, many households are now completely bankrupt as everything they had saved in these harsh times have now been taken away.

A dire humanitarian situation is prevailing in the area following the clearance operation. Locals allege the security forces are intentionally trying to make life even more difficult so that the people of Boli Bazaar are forced to flee to Bangladesh.

A large part of the populace had fled to the neighbouring country during the clearance operations, but a few have returned.

Dozens from Bali Bazaar have died during the clearance operations.