BGP fire shots, threaten to kill entire family in Ta Mi for not paying five million kyats

Buthi terror 

June 21, 2017

Buthidaung- Fresh violence broke out in the restive village tract of Ta Mi after BGP brutally assaulted a respected community elder and fired at least 20 rounds of blank shots at Rohingyas who gathered at the scene to protest the incident on Sunday, according to our local correspondent.

The BGP personal entered the house of Imam Hossain and started brutally assaulting him. As his shouts filled the neighbourhood, many locals gathered at the scene to protest the incident.

At this time, the BGP personal took aggressive positions and pointed their guns at the crowd. Then they began firing over their heads, forcing the crowd to scatter.

The BGP then left the scene saying Imam Hossain and his entire family would be killed unless they paid 5million kyats.

Ta Mi has been tense in the last few months after reports that rebel forces were operating in the nearby hills. Operations have resulted in the arrests and brutal tortures of scores of Rohingya Muslims, according to local sources.