Logger hacked by BGP in Northern Maungdaw

Rohingya rescued from BGPs 620x330

June 21, 2017

Maungdaw- A Rohingya logger in Northern Maungdaw was critically injured in an attack by BGP men in what locals are alleging as an attempted murder, reports our correspondent.

Rashid Ahmed (s/o Syed Ahmed), a resident of Kawar Bil went to Zammoinna to purchase a machete. As he was returning, two BGP personal stopped him at Kunir Khali. Here they took away Rashid’s machete, accused him of being a rebel in the guise of a logger, and then started to hit him in the back of the neck with the instrument.

At this time, a motorcycle carrying two men arrived on the scene. As the commuters raised a hue, sensing there would be many witnesses in the scene, the BGP men hurried left the scene.

Rashid was taken home by the two men.

The area was at the forefront of an assault by security forces last year, resulting in the deaths of scores, including infant children, many killed while trying to flee over the nearby river border to Bangladesh.