Huge Tatmadaw operation underway in Sain Dee Prang, many face arrest and torture

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June 25, 2017

Buthidaung-  Scores of Rohingyas, including at least 15 women have been arrested from Sain Dee Prang in Buthidaung as Tatmadaw officials declared that they would be starting ‘clearance operations’, as men and women in the village were taking militant training.

The first round of arrests occurred on the morning hours of Thursday, according to our local correspondent.

One source said that the military packed Rohingya men like ‘cattle’ in two huge trucks and took them to the local camp where they are facing brutal torture.

The same source said around 15 to 20 women were also arrested as they were also taking ‘militant training’. The women have not been taken to the local camp where the men are facing torture, but to another undisclosed location.

Unconfirmed reports say they might have been taken to Buthidaung town.

Since Thursday, thousands of locals have fled their homes as the army continue combing operations in the village which has more than 6000 inhabitants.

At least seven were arrested from the area on Sunday, according to our correspondent.

Activists have long alleged that many arrested by the Tatmadaw face brutal torture which include smashing of body parts with the intention of making the prisoner permanently disabled and other medival torture techniques. Many have died from torture, especially since the riots of 2012.

There are also allegations that many women, especially those arrested during the recent Northern Maungdaw operations are serving as sex slaves for the Tatmadaw.

As a result of the intensity of the operations, many are thinking of going into the wilderness to escape arrest, torture and possible death.