Deaths feared as military backed gang attacks Rohingyas on Eid day

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June 26, 2017

Maungdaw- Deaths have been reported as Rakhine nationalists backed by BGP and army personal launched an attack on the village tract of Kya Maung in Northern Maungdaw on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr (Monday).

At around 8am, shortly after the Muslims had finished Eid prayers, hundreds of attackers, many of them identified as Buddhist nationalists from neighbouring settlements descended on the village from three sides, starting from the hamlets of Botali Para and Kari Jora.

At this point, the Rohingyas, including residents of other hamlets made a run for the Morikkom hills as the army swiftly advanced within the settlement. The villagers were however chased by the army and their Rakhine cohorts. The gangsters chopped on the men and even some of the children.

Multiple sources have reported the attacks might have led to the deaths of seven to 11 people including children, but our correspondent in the area has not confirmed fatalities yet till publishing of the report given the details of the victims.

However, our correspondent has confirmed scores of people have been critically injured mainly by attacks of sharp weapons used by the gangsters. Many have been injured in sensitive body parts which might easily lead to death.

A reliable source said many of the women were apprehended by the security forces and kept under confinement where they were beaten up. The victims were mostly elderly women as the younger ones had run away fearing mass rapes. 

The huge detachment of Tatmadaw forces are now present in all the hamlets of Kya Maung.