Taung Pyo on edge as army backed Rakhine gang on patrol with sharp weapons


June 28, 2017

Maungdaw- A Rakhine gang accompanied by the army and BGP have been patrolling around the village of Taung Pyo in Northern Maungdaw since the dawn hours of Tuesday, according to our correspondent in the area.

The gang is carrying sharp weapons including machetes and other tools that have traditionally been used by Buddhist nationalist forces. They are being well protected by a huge army and BGP detachment.

Their activities have led to terror among the local populace who are fearing a massacre in the tensed locality.

Tensions have reached a high since an army backed gang attacked the nearby village tract of Kya Maung following Eid prayers, leading to possible fatalities.

There are rumours that Buddhist nationalists and the Tatmadaw are planning a 2012 style massacre.