Panic in Pauktaw: elderly man injured in knife attack


June 28, 2017

An elderly man has received critical injuries following an attack by neighbouring Rakhine villagers in Pauktaw on Saturday, according to local sources.

The victim, Abdul Karim in his 60s from SakeyPyin TaungYowa had lost his cow. At one point of his search, he came upon a Rakhine farmer and he politely enquired if anyone had seen his cow. But instead of helping him, the farmer, along with a young man brought a knife and attacked the elderly man.

Hearing his cries, local Muslims rushed to the spot causing the attackers to flee the scene, thus saving Abdul Karim.

However, a tensed situation is prevailing in the area as Pauktaw has an overwhelming Rakhine majority with strong support for anti Muslim nationalist groups. There are fears that in the current volatile atmosphere, the Tatmadaw and their Buddhist nationalist cohorts might cash in on the situation and incite the Rakhines to carry out a 2012 style massacre.