Fisherman killed by navy on the Naaf

Naaf 1

June 30, 2017  

Maungdaw- A fisherman was shot dead by forces from Tatmadaw Yay on the river Naaf on Tuesday, according to our correspondent in the area.

Md Samat (s/o Kala Miah) from Shil Khali, Maungdaw North was killed after he had gone to the river in the morning.

Samat’s corpse was discovered in the river after villagers rushed to the spot upon hearing gunfire. The account of the death was given by Samat’s surviving companion Abu Sayeed who confirmed that the navy had fired on their dingy.

A tensed atmosphere is prevailing in the area since the day of Eid-ul-Fitr as an ongoing attack takes place in the nearby village of Kya Maung which has reportedly resulted in the deaths of many. An army backed gang is also patrolling in the nearby village of Taung Pyo.

After the incident, Rohingyas fear leaving the settlement amid growing concerns over their livelihood. Locals are dependent on fishing and logging, thus it is imperative they leave their settlements, but as this incident demonstrates, that is becoming very risky.

Rohingya activists allege that security forces and their Buddhist nationalist cohorts have carried out a blockade of many settlements since 2012 with the intention of creating artificial starvation to force the hungry community to move out. The practise more common in the Rakhine majority townships have also been used effectively since October in Maungdaw and Buthidaung.