One killed, at least six others injured in Akyab mob attack

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July 4, 2017  

Akyab-  One Rohingya man was battered to death while at least six others received critical injuries in an attack by a Rakhine mob in downtown Akyab on Tuesday, according to our local correspondent.

The Rohingya labourers were hired by the police to break an abandoned boat in Set Roe Kya Stream when they were attacked by the Rakhines amid lax police presence.

However another source said the men were in the area to purchase a boat from a Rakhine man and the arguement ensued after bargaining over the price. 

The victims were from the Dabaing IDP camp. The area known as Ywar Gyi Mrauk Quarter is off limits to Rohingya Muslims since 2012 but they only went because the police hired them for the job.

The injured people are currently under medical treatment in Akyab General Hospital. 

However, police have told local and international media that they were not aware the Rohingya Muslims were present in the area.

Once a mixed city where Rakhines had a slim majority over the Rohingys, the state capital is virtually off limits for the Muslim community since 2012 following a bloody massacre that killed hundreds in this area.