TERROR in TA MI: huge military force attacks remote Buthidaung village, deaths reported


fire on house 01

July 10, 2017

Buthidaung- A huge detachment of Tatmadaw personal have attacked the restive village tract of Ta Mi resulting in the death of at least three men, according to our correspondent in the area.

Following rapid and continuous gunfire in the direction of the villages, the civilian populace is fleeing wherever they can as the huge military contingent takes over the village.

Our correspondent says many people who were trying to escape have been netted by the army and are undergoing brutal torture in custody.

Hundreds have died from custodial torture, but in recent days, the rates of deaths in custody has suddenly increased.

Amidst the confusion one thing is certain – the number of military personal is increasing every hour till filing of the report on Tuesday.

Locals say the military might be preparing for a Northern Maungdaw style clearance operation that destroyed many villages in the area.

The local populace of Ta Mi is around three thousand and it looks like the military might be going in for the ‘kill’. Scores of huts deserted by the fleeing populce have been burned by the military on Sunday night. 

Many households have even moved away their infant and new born children as in latest operations, many have been burned to death.