Eight apprhended in Diyal Tali raid



July 21, 2017

Army led forces have continued to raid the Diyal Tali village in Northern Maungdaw, arresting at least eight Rohingya activists on terrorist allegations. The forces also looted gold ornaments and other valuables from Rohingya households, effectively seizing everything valuable from these destitute village households, reports our correspondent from the area.

The raid started at around 9pm on Monday and continued till the late night hours. They left with at least eight Rohingya men at around 1am who they allege where involved in ‘terror’ activities.

Many Rohingyas fled the area as the army approached.

The forces went from house to house and seized valuables including gold ornaments. Many victims have told our correspondent they have lost everything to the loot and don’t know how to survive in the future.

Meanwhile the army continues to torture Rohingya detainees inhumanely, according to multiple independent sources. Hundreds have died from custodial torture in Arakan.