More than 60 arrested in Maungdaw


Buthi terror

July 25, 2017

At least 60 people have been detained in separate incidents as Tatmadaw and Hlun Htein forces increased arrests in parts of the Maungdaw township.

On Sunday, a huge military force surrounded Dar Gua Dil and arrested around 32 villagers as they fled the approaching forces. Anyone who fell in front of the forces were arrested, the military was not looking for anyone specific, multiple eyewitnesses confirmed to the local correspondent in the area.

On Saturday, seven truckloads of military arrested around 30 men from Sau Le Ga area after surrounding their houses in the early dawn hours before they had any chance for escaping. During the arrests, the military severely beat up two women who enquired to the security forces about the reasons for the arrest.

On the late night hours of Saturday, around a hundred military personal went to Mein Gee Si in Buthidaung, smashed up property and looted valuables from households. Three have been arrested.

It is feared that those arrested are being severely tortured in custody. Hundreds of Muslims have been tortured to death in the notorious prisons of Arakan, with the rate of custodial deaths increasing in recent times.

Meanwhile in the now destroyed village tract of Ludaing in Northern Manungdaw, military severely assaulted two farmers, beating them within an inch of their life on Saturday morning. Our correspondent says both the men are now in a critical condition. The military said that the land did not belong to the Muslim people and they had no right to farm on this land. The incident has led to renewed fears in the village where starvation is rampant as Rohingyas who venture outside their homes continue to face arrest and torture.