March 26, 2017

Maungdaw- Tatmadaw forces entered the restive village tract of Bali Bazaar, causing terror in the area.

When the forces entered the northern Maungdaw village tract, its inhabitants ran away fearing arrest and torture.

Bali Bazaar was one of the villages targeted by the Tatmadaw in the recent crackdown with more than a dozen killed, and many arrested and tortured.

When the Tatmadaw forces did not find any inhabitant in the Mora para neighbourhood, they looted the houses. army 2

March 25, 2017

Maungdaw- A police official robbed Rohingya villagers following a meeting with community leaders in Dwe Loung Baw Para on Tuesday.

The official finished a meeting in Dwe Loung Bow Para and went to the neighbourhood of Geratkhali. Here he put his hands in the anyone crossing his path and took every cash they had.

Later he found a man who was playing games on his mobile phone. He however alleged the man was sending message to terrorists in Bangladesh using a SIM card from that country. The victim identified as Anwar (s/o Kala Miah) had to pay 400,000 kyats to avoid getting arrested.  MaungdawPolicePatrolWith303Rifles

March 25, 2017

Maungdaw- Villagers in Sau Ra Gazi Bil are once again on the run after building a mosque in the now destroyed village tract.

This week, Hlun Htein officials have been entering the northern Maungdaw village regularly to arrest some men who had built a makeshift mosque for saying their prayers.

The regular incursion by the security forces have led to panic and many of the men are currently on the run.

A large part of the populace had already fled to Bangladesh and only few remain.

Sau Ra Gazi Bil and adjoining village tracts were wiped out by the Tatmadaw in rocket and helicopter attacks in mid November last year, killing hundreds. 0628 ka p

March 24, 2017

Maungdaw- Anti Muslim protests gathered further steam with thousands of demonstrators belonging mostly to the ANP flocking the streets of towns throughout Arakan.

In Buthidaung, the streets were taken over on Monday by hundreds of angry ANP cadres protesting against supposed steps to grant citizenships to a handful of Rohingya Muslims.

The protestors alleged that La Wa Ka chief U Win Lwin had been presiding over flawed initiatives to grant Muslims citizenship.

Similar protests took place in Maungdaw, Akyab, Pathor Keela and Mamra.

The protests come as a surprise for the Rohingya community because the populace have not been given, nor promised full citizenship. Activists allege this is an attempt by the ANP to create a communally surcharged atmosphere and proceed towards the elimination of the Muslim community.

There are also fears that the government will give citizenships to a handful of ‘loyal’ Rohingyas serving as collaborators (tabbeys) to create a convenient impression for the international community. Lawaka

March 24, 2017

Akyab- A rickshaw puller is in a critical condition following assault by an army officer in Goyalar Dil, Akyab.

Md Iliyas, 36, was operating his vehicle in the area on Monday when an army officer came down from his jeep and proceeded to grievously assault him for no apparent reason.

Iliyas received serious injuries including a fracture in the skull.

The army officer departed the scene leaving Iliyas on the ground. The victim was later aided by local Rohingyas.

Akyab residents say officers from the Tatmadaw and Hlun Htein regularly attack Rohingya civilians and inflict serious injuries and humiliation on them without giving any explanation.


March 22, 2017

destroyed mosque

Tatmadaw fined Rohingya Muslims in the Boro Bil area of Rathedaung for paving the Wadu area of the local mosque.

Our correspondents from the neighbouring villages of Rajar Bil and Soho Parang say locals had agreed to pave the mosque as the rainy season made the soil besides the mosque muddy. However, the information was passed to the military by local collaborators.  

The military came to the area on Sunday and threatened Rohingyas with consequences for paving the area. They said the Muslims had not been given permission to freely practise their religion and they had no right to do building works.

The Rohingyas were forced to pay 100,000 kyats. 

March 20, 2017

Teknaf- An investigation team comprising of ten officials from the Myanmar government visited the Rohingya refugee camp of Kutupalong on Sunday.

The team first went to the office of the Cox’s Bazar District Commissioner at around 11am.

At around 1pm, they went to Kutupalong refugee camp where they held meetings in the UNHCR and the CMC (Camp Management Committee) office.

After that they were taken to the unregistered camps to talk with refugees who had fled during the 2012 and 2016 violence.

The interviews were conducted rather swiftly and they left the camp at around 3pm.

During this time, some Rohingyas held banners protesting state atrocities in Myanmar but they had been instructed by Bangladesh authorities to maintain a low profile and did not even voice slogans.

The team is scheduled to visit the Leda and newly constructed Balu Khali camp on Monday.

There have been controversies surrounding the neutrality of the investigation teams and many UN officials have called for the formation of an UN probe team instead. kutupalong

k parang

March 22, 2017

Maungdaw- A man was arrested from the now destroyed village tract of Kya Ri Prang, Maungdaw for speaking to government appointed investigators.

Md Hashim had described atrocities committed by the Tatmadaw during the crackdown in October 2016. On Friday, Tatmadaw forces intercepted him and took him to custody.

His whereabouts are not known since then. Family members fear he is being brutally tortured in custody.

Earlier on Thursday, joint forces detained some men but later released them after a huge fine.

Many who had earlier spoken to investigators have been hunted down, and at least one man from Nga Khura have been killed. Many have fled to Bangladesh after relating accounts of abuses to government appointed investigators and UN observers.

However independent analysts describe the government appointed investigation initiatives as a sham. UN officials have said the international body should sent in their own investigators to ensure credibility of any investigation process.

Kya Ri Prang was burned down in mid October last year and many of its inhabitants, including infant children have been killed or taken to unknown locations. Many Kya Ri Prang men are thought to be perishing in custody, while some of the women are thought to be serving as sex slaves.

March 22, 2017

Buthi terror 

Buthidaung- The Hlun Htein have made a number of arrests from Kyang Taung in Buthidaung and forced them to pay large amounts of money in exchange for their freedom.

On Friday, Ayub Khan was detained on terrorism related charges in Kyang Taung, Buthidaung. He was later released after his family paid a total of 800,000 kyats to Hlun Htein forces.

It was alleged that he and his family members based abroad were helping Muslim rebels in this country.

He was taken to the camp and threatened with dire consequences unless he paid 200,000 kyats.

The next day, Hlun Htein called him to the camp once more and said they had gathered strong evidence that Ayub’s family was financing rebels from abroad. He was then forced to pay 600,000 kyats. 

In the past few days, there have been increasing numbers of people extorted on terror related charges in the Kyang Taung area. 

Earlier, on March 14, at least 11 men were detained in the Kyan Taung camp. They were brought from the nearby Tin Meye neighbourhood.

During this operation conducted at around 3.30pm, four notorious collaborators named as Siraj, Rahmat, Ismail and Jashush were seen guiding the security forces.

Nine were later released after payment of a huge sum.

However, Nurul Amin and Abul Hashim could not come up with the payment of 2 million kyats. In response, the Hlun Htein alleged them to be rebels.

The two men were later shifted to Taung Bazar Hlun Htein camp where they were mercilessly tortured, according to local sources.

Rohingya prisoners are often severely tortured in custody, and hundreds have been killed in such circumstances since 2012.

Another man from Kyan Taung named as Hamid Ullah was also arrested and severely beaten up on the same day. He was later released.

March 20, 2017

Buthidaung- Buddhist monks in Gudam Para has been disrupting Muslim calls to prayer for the last few days by switching on the loudspeaker from his temple.

Our correspondent in the area says whenever the Muslims are praying in congregation, the monks switch on the loudspeaker. There is no other noise anytime else from the temple.

Buddhist religious laws don’t have any particular times for such practices. The disruption is only practiced for the inconvenience of the Muslims.

Locals allege the monks are trying to pick up a quarrel with the Muslim community and create the stage for a riot. However, they are being patient and have asked the young men in the area not to respond to the provocation of the monks. destroyed mosque

March 22, 2017

Buthidaung- 12 Rohingya men were arrested by the Tatmadaw in northern Buthidaung for ‘marrying without permission’.

On Sunday, Tatmadaw forces made these arrests from the village tract of Pabe Chaung.

The arrested men were beaten up and asked to pay half a million kyats for their release. Many of the arrested however hail from very poor households and their family members say they are unable to come up with such a substantial amount of money.

The arrested men are still in custody.

Under the laws of Arakan state, Muslim men are forbidden to marry without the permission of authorities.

However sources say most of these men had married only after the due formalities were conducted. 486207106

March 20, 2017

Teknaf- Investigation officials have dismissed accounts of violence from the Rohingyas and instead accused them of lying.

The ten member investigation team visited Balukhali camp on Monday morning and the Leda camp in the afternoon. Previously they had visited Kutupalong camp on Sunday where they took some very hastily conducted interviews from victims of the 2012 and 2016 violence.

But on Monday, they interrupted the accounts of the Rohingyas they were interviewing and called them liars. They alleged the Rohingyas were making up wild stories after they had fled to Bangladesh and said they had fled for no apparent reason.

Each time a refugee tried to tell their story to the commission, they interrupted and called them liars.

Some of the women victims who had been raped by the Tatmadaw were in tears following the interview as commission members accused them of falsifying facts.

Refugees had earlier decided to boycott the commission but changed their mind as they were accompanied by Bangladeshi officials and international NGOs.

This particular commission was set up by the presidential office. 


child killed


March 20, 2017

Maungdaw- A fisherman was assaulted and forced to pay 50,000 kyats by Hlun Htein in Ashika para, Maungdaw North.

Hlun Htein forces intercepted Basir as he was fishing in the river near the village on Tuesday. They said Basir or the other Muslims did not have permission to derive a living from the river as they were foreigners in this country and the land did not belong to them.

The Rohingya Muslims are regarded as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh by the government and much of the country.

Activists have long alleged that Rohingyas have been prevented from going to the woods and waterways from where they derive a living in what is a systematic effort to derive them of a livelihood, create starvation, and thus force the population out. The practice was more common the southern townships where Rohingyas form a minority, but following the 2016 crackdown, similar measures have been enforced in most parts of Maungdaw. 

le mro river arakan state myanmar 5

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