October 12, 2016

A well armed Rakhine mob has surrounded Jaliya para in Mamra, promising to kill all Rohingya Muslims in the area.

Hlun Htein forces stationed nearby have assured the mob of their support.

In retaliation, Rohingya Muslims have threatened a fight to the last person. Speaking by phone, Md Yunus, a Muslim man from the area said they will thwart attempts by the mob to enter their village.

However, the Rohingyas are not well armed and have no access to firearms leading to concerns there will a massacre committed by the Rakhine mob backed by security forces, similar to 2012.rioters during 2012 rakhine state riots

October 12, 2016

Military attacked the Rohingya village of Nasa Fru in Maungdaw North killing an unknown number of Rohingya Muslims.

Hundreds of soldiers armed with heavy weaponry were seen moving into the village at around 2.30 pm on Tuesday. Thousands of rounds of live ammunition were fired in the direction of the locals.

The atmosphere in the area is extremely tense and there is no communication with locals. There are fears that dozens have died in this attack.

An army offensive since Sunday has killed dozens of Rohingya Muslims including women and children.army 1

October 12, 2016

One man was injured when military opened sporadic fire in Monnama, Maungdaw North on Tuesday.

The injured man and six others were rounded up by the military and taken to an unknown location. The arrested men were seen being dressed up in uniform resembling soldiers. It is suspected they will be videoed as guerrillas attacking Myanmar security forces.

Relatives fear the arrested men would be brutally tortured in custody. Since 2012, hundreds of Muslims have died following torture in custody.

Arakan has remained volatile since Sunday when unidentified assailants attacked a border post. In retaliation, the military has killed dozens of civilians including women and children.army

October 12, 2016

Four boats carrying Bangladeshi Rakhines crossed over from Bangladesh territory on Monday night.

Sources say they have crossed from their locality in Chowdhury para.

The crossover is significant since no Rohingyas are able to escape into Bangladesh territory as Border Guard Bangladesh has increased vigilance. Our sources on the ground say it is very difficult in this moment for them to cross over without assistance from the Bangladesh security forces.

The Bangladeshi Rakhines have moved to a neighbourhood dominated by others from Bangladesh. It is though they are associated with anti Muslim vigilante groups.

Meanwhile, boats carrying Rohingyas have been turned away by Bangladesh security forces. Bangladesh media also reported two Rohingyas injured by army gunfire were arrested when they tried to cross into Bangladesh territory and then handed back to Myanmar authorities.

The Hlun Htein has also increased vigilance on the border.unnamed

October 11, 2016

A woman was killed when military opened fire in Hawar Bil, Maungdaw North. Four other women were arrested from the spot and there are fears they have been raped in custody.

At around 2.30 pm on Tuesday, a military team entered the neighbourhood and when they did not find any men, they shot at the women. One died instantly on the spot. The four others have been taken to the camp.

Hawar Bil is close to the location where unidentified assailants attacked a border post. Since then a military led crackdown has killed scores of innocent civilians including women and children.

Rape of women in the custody of security forces is common throughout the country.army

October 10, 2016

One person was killed by army firing in Maungni para, Maungdaw South when army opened fire on Sunday.

At around evening, armed forces entered the village and began shooting randomly. As soon as they sensed the army was approaching, the Rohingyas left their homes and fled. However, Abdul Matlab was caught in the gunfire and died on the spot.

Army firing has killed dozens of innocent Rohingya Muslims including children in the past few days following attacks by unidentified resistance fighters on a border post.Mungi para

Grown-ups killed for no reason, child killed for crying

October 10, 2016

Four, including a father and a son, and an infant child were killed by army firing in Sommoinna, Maungdaw South.

On Monday at around 10am, three men were crossing the road when the army, which was already in position fired on them.

The firings led to terror in the neighbourhood and many of the children started crying. However, this angered the army and when a three-year child in a nearby house shrieked from terror, they entered the house and killed him.

The victims have been identified as Nuru,50, his son Noor Bashar, 27, and Nagu, 60.

Following the attack, some Rakhine men accompanying the military went on to loot livestock belonging to the fleeing Rohingyas.

Scores of Muslims including children have been shot by the army since unidentified insurgents attacked a border post.14607985 228789287536240 765597235 n.jpgct 2016

October 10, 2016

Three people have been killed by the army in Nari Bil, Maungdaw North.

In the early hours of Monday, the men were out of their houses when soldiers positioned on top of a hill adjoining the village opened fire. The three died instantly on the spot. The soldiers then came to the village and buried them.

The victims have been identified as Johir Ahmed, Imam Hossain and Md Nasir. After the soldiers left the spot, the villagers dug them out and gave them a proper funeral.

Dozens of innocent civilians have been killed in the past two days in an army crackdown on Rohingya Muslims.buried

October 10, 2016

Relatives of men arrested by security forces are afraid they may no longer be alive.

In Siddharapara of Maungdaw town, 12 people were arrested by Hlun Htein on Sunday morning. Local sources say these were targeted arrests, all of those taken to custody are well known social workers who have strived hard for the Muslim community.

Similarly, four innocent men were arrested from Dunse, Rathedaung on Monday. At least one has been killed in custody.

In Naffura, Maungdaw North, a student well known for his social activism was arrested on Monday.

In Hansar Bil, Maungdaw South, military arrested two young men on allegations of aiding resistance fighters.

There are reports coming in that dozens of people are being detained tonight as the army cracks down in Maungdaw.

Those arrested by the security forces on so called terror charges face brutal torture. Since 2012, hundreds have died following torture in custody.14627992 228856074196228 5440185 n

October 8, 2016

Three boats carrying Bangladeshi Rakhines have docked in Hansar Bil, Maungdaw North.

The boats docked at around 8pm on Friday. Sources say the Rakhines crossed from the Teknaf region of Bangladesh.

In recent years, there has been an increasing number of Bangladeshi Rakhines crossing the border from both the Teknaf and Bandarban region. Many of them have settled in the regions, courtesy of nationalist politicians and the local government that has given them land, much of which belonged to Rohingya Muslims before the 2012 riots.

The migrating Rakhines allege poverty and religious discrimination in Bangladesh. However, local politicians say the Rakhines are the rightful owners of the land, and should gradually replace the Muslim populations especially in Maungdaw and Buthidaung township. In exchange, they say, the Muslims should be pushed out to Bangladesh, from where they have illegally migrated.

The arrival of Bangladeshi Rakhines have spread panic, as some of them are known to be in close cohorts with nationalist gangs responsible for much of the anti-Muslim violence.Punnamed

Photo: Saydur Rahman

October 10, 2016

Rohingyas who received serious gunshot wounds are dying painfully, as there is no access to medical care.

In the Bura Sidharpara neighbourhood of Maungdaw town, three people received serious injuries when army opened fire at their houses at around 10am on Monday. However, there is no way to take them to the hospital as the army has threatened to shoot anyone defying the curfew.

Locals also say that Rakhine hospitals refuse to treat Rohingyas even in normal times. Anyone going for treatment in times like this face almost certain capture and brutal torture, if not death, in the hands of security forces, allege locals. helicopter

In Hawar Bil, two elderly men seriously injured by the army are also dying gradually as they cannot avail medical treatment. Relatives say it would have been less painful if the gunfire had managed to kill them.

Curfew was imposed following night attacks by unidentified resistance fighters on border posts. Locals say the curfew does not have any fixed hours, and anyone going outside their homes at any time are getting shot by the military.

October 10, 2016

Oct 2016 kill.

Four people were killed in Hainda para, Maungdaw North, when the military attacked the local market. The victims were working in the local market on Monday morning when a team of military approached the area and opened automatic fire.

Mojiur Rahman, Md Hossain, and Nazimur were killed on the spot.

Following the fire, bystanders ran for cover. The army however chased and caught one boy in his house. He was shot and killed in front of his parents who tried in vain to save him. He has been identified as Ilias.

There are reports three others have also been killed but their details are yet to be confirmed.

The military has killed more than a dozen innocent Rohingyas including children in the last two days after unidentified insurgents attacked a border post.

October 8, 2016

Police and Hlun Htein continued search missions in the Boli para village of Zaditaung, Buthidaung, spreading terror in the neighbourhood. The security forces say they are looking for men who had allegedly raped Rakhine women near the village on Monday.

Earlier this week, thousands of Rakhines surrounded Boli Para, alleging some of the villagers had raped their women. The mobilisation continued throughout the day, as nationalists organised their supporters to call for Muslim blood, amidst heavy security presence.

However, the security forces managed to convince the mob that it was impossible to let them have ‘2012- style justice’. At present, the government led by Aung Saan Suu Kyi is attempting to convince the outside world the government is serious in ending communal violence in the restive state. Following continuos requests by security forces, the mob has gradually melted away, though many are promising to ‘fight another day’.

In 2012, hundreds of Muslims were killed, tortured, and raped by Buddhist nationalists and security forces in retaliation for the rape and murder of a woman, supposedly committed by Rohingya Muslims.

Our correspondent and local sources say there is no evidence of the rape of Rakhine women in Zaditaung.

Though the mob has melted away, security forces continue to raid the village. There are no reports of arrests as most of the male Rohingyas have melted away. A father and son, beaten by the mob and handed over to the police on Monday are yet to be released. Police have told community elders that Yunus and his son Ali Bhutto will be released as soon as the real culprits are identified. The situation of the arrested duo is not known.Zaditaung mob

Nationalist supporters from other areas come by boat to show solidarity against Muslims in Zaditaung 

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