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June 4, 2017

Maungdaw- A huge number of Tatmadaw personal raided Ludaing in Maungdaw North on Saturday and looted valuables and destroyed Rohingya property, according to our correspondent in the area.

Since the raid on Ward 5 of the village tract, the Tatmadaw has camped out near the Rohingya settlements. They also have some women and alcoholic drinks with them, leading to fears among the local populace that they will carry out atrocities in an intoxicated state.

Many people say the military entered their houses, ransacked property and took away anything they could get their hands on.

Ludaing was one of the village tracts targeted by the Tatmadaw during the recent clearance operations with many being killed and raped.

A huge part of the populace has already escaped to Bangladesh.

Renewed tensions are prevailing in the area following the Saturday. 


June 4, 2017

Nine children and two teenagers were rescued by Malaysian police on Friday, according to reports in the Malaysian media.

New Straits Times reports that the victims were discovered in a confined space at the premises by a team from the Secret Societies, Anti-Vice and Gambling Division of the Dang Wangi police headquarters.

Malaysian police say the victims were to be sold to begging syndicates at a price of RM 1,200 to RM 1,500.

Documents seized from the premises indicate that six children had already been sold off.

Six Myanmar nationals aged between 25 and 30 believed to be involved in the criminal syndicate that is involved in Rohingya human trafficking were arrested from the spot. 



June 2, 2016

Buthidaung- Tatmadaw forces raided Shab Bazaar after midnight on Thursday and arrested five people on charges of being associated with Rohingya rebels, according to our correspondent in the area.

The military started the arrests at around 1am, but by 4am, three were released as their families had agreed to pay hundreds of thousands of kyats in ransom, effectively giving away all the money they had to save their sons.

However, families of two of the arrested men did not have enough to please the military and they have been taken to an undisclosed location.

Raids, arbitrary arrests and disappearances have increased in the Buthidaung area in recent months, with many being whisked away without specific charges and their whereabouts remaining a mystery with family members fearing the dreaded torture common in custody and even death.

In the remote northern areas of the township, many including infant children have been killed in recent months, according to testimonies of newly arrived refugees in Bangladesh.

Most of the cases have gone undocumented. 

June 1, 2016kutupalong

Aid workers warned on Wednesday of an "acute crisis" in Bangladesh after a cyclone destroyed almost the entire camp in Kutupalong Taal and Balukhali, leaving many without food or shelter.

Cyclone Mora had made landfall on Tuesday, albeit at a lesser impact than expected, according to meteorological sources of Bangladesh. Even then, the flimsy huts of the unregistered camps did not have much chance.

There is an acute crisis of food, shelter, health services, water and sanitation facilities in the makeshift settlements following the storm," Sanjukta Sahany, local head of the International Organisation for Migration, told AFP, "The drainage and toilet system have been fully broken."

Meanwhile, many refugees are spending days without food.

While Bangladesh has one of the best evacuation systems in the world, refugees say they did not receive sufficient warning about the storm and many food stockpiles have been destroyed.

Meanwhile Save the Children has warned that an outbreak of diseases might affect the children, especially for the unregistered refugees. 

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May 30, 2017

Akyab- Three women have been arrested by La Wa Ka officials in the Akyab (Sittwe) airport on Saturday after they tried to go to Yangon with fake pink cards, according to our correspondent in the area.

The detainees are Rehana, 18, from Saki Para, Rezwana, 20, from Saki Para and Noor Nahar, 18, from Dabaing.

La Wa Ka has charged all three women and sent them to police custody.

The living conditions in the Akyab Rohingya settlements, more accurately the IDP camps have been described by international observers as ‘being among the worst in the world’. Our correspondents and sources have said many people are desperate to escape the dire conditions and go anywhere, including taking risky endevours like this one which results in long jail terms and torture in custody.

Only a handful of Rohingyas have access to pink cards, given to full citizens in the country. Yangon and other places outside Northern Arakan are strictly off limits for Rohingya Muslims.  

May 29, 2017


Buthidaung- Military personal accompanied by Armed Police Officers entered Shabb Bazaar in Buthidaung and assaulted Rohingyas while looting poultry and other assets from their houses on Sunday, according to our correspondent in the area.

Victims have said the security personal went on a rampage, taking chickens and anything they can get their hands to, including cash and other items that could be stowed away at convenience.

When they came across houses where they could not find anything lootable, they assaulted the occupants of the house.

A huge Tatmadaw contingent have been posted in the Buthidaung regions as the forces carried out secret operations in remote village tracts, killing many including infant children and raping scores of women, according to testimonies collected from refugees who had fled to Bangladesh in recent weeks.

May 28, 2017


Teknaf- A refugee has been beaten to death near the Kutupalong refugee camp on Thursday.

The corpse of Md Shafik was recovered at around 3pm from the Madhur Chora waterway which is near the refugee camp. The corpse was ridden with multiple wounds. Shafik had been missing for the last two days, assumed to have been kidnapped by miscreants. Primary reports indicate he had been brutally tortured in custody including being hit multiple times in the eye. The continues torture has caused his death. It is not known where Shafik was held.

Local sources say Shafik might have been killed in regards to an illegitimate affair. Bangladesh police is investigating the case. The main accused Karim Ullah has been absconding since the murder. Shafik is said to have returned from Malaaysia, from where he has been staying for some time after getting news that Karim had married his wife illegitimately. 

Both the victim and the accused are registered refugees from F block. 

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May 30, 2017

Teknaf- Cyclone ‘Mora’ made landfall on the dawn hours of Tuesday on the South Eastern Bangladesh coastal area, destroying almost all the huts in Kutupalong and Balukhali, according to our correspondent in the area.

Local media reports indicate that 350,000 people were evacuated especially from the outlying islands in the Bay of Bengal where cyclones can cause severe damage including deaths.

In the refugee camps, pregnant women and the elderly were given shelters in the hospitals, while many of the children were taken to the schools in the night.

The cyclone Mora for which Bangladesh had braced itself with the highest disaster alert however lost much of its strength before making landfall, according to metrological reports.

Bangladesh is better prepared than most countries to handle severe cyclones, as the country had lost hundreds of thousands of lives in the past century.

However, all the shelters in the newly constructed Balukhali camp and the Taal area of Kutupalong experienced severe damages and most have been destroyed. Much of the populace are now left under the open sky.

However, no casualties have been reported.

News from inside Arakan is yet to come as bad weather disrupts communications.

Primary reports indicate that Rohingyas in many parts were not expecting a cyclone. 

May 29, 2017


Buthidaung- A new census on young Rohingya children that started from Friday has identified them as Bengalis.

Diplomatic sources have long said that due to successful negotiations, the Myanmar government will cease identifying new born and unregistered children as Bengalis, and instead identify them as Rakhine Muslims.

However, a census that started from Buthidaung town has identified all children as Bengalis.

Myanmar refuses to accept the Rohingya as a distinct and indeginious ethnic group and claims they are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

Locals say the initiative to identify the children as Bengalis will one day result in their expulsion to Bangladesh.

Authorities have said the census will last for 21 days. 

May 27, 2017


Buthidaung- Four slave labourers were brutally attacked and injured when gangsters from the Rakhine community attacked them on Tuesday.

The four men from Tangana para in Rathedaung were forced to work in the nearby BGP camp from 8 am to 4pm without any payment. As they were returning home following work, a gang of miscreants fell on them with sharp weapons.

One of the victims, Md Hossain is in a critical condition as he has received deep cuts in the ankles.

The incident once again highlights the insecurity of Rohingyas who go out of their village to earn a livelihood, as it demonstrates anyone leaving the village risks being attacked by the miscreants who have effectively enforced a blockade on many village tracts with the backing of security forces, creating conditions of artificial starvation.

While these men were slave labourers, loggers and fishermen in the area have basically been cut off from livelihood sources and are now also being blocked from accessing the marketplaces.

Meanwhile, the practise of slave labour, more common during the era of the now disbanded Na Sa Ka is making a comeback as both the army and BGP are starting to rely on this practise.

bd demoMay 29, 2017

Buthidaung- Three women were raped by the military when joint forces launched an operation in Buzzaikong in Kyan Taung on Sunday, according to sources in the area. As they entered the restive village tract, they got hold of all the women and gathered them find in a field.

At this time, three women were taken aside and raped by Tatmadaw personal.

The men had earlier left the area as any male found is arrested, tortured and even killed since the start of recent operations in the area.

Dozens of women have been raped in the Kyan Taung area since the second week of May after the army launched operations to destroy suspected rebel bases near the village.

The remote areas of Buthidaung have been tense since April and many including infant children have been killed, according to testimonies collected from refugees who had fled to Bangladesh in recent weeks. However, owing to the remoteness of the area, information has been very difficult to get and the incidents of killings and rape have mostly gone undocumented.

Rights groups have alleged the Tatmadaw uses rape as a weapon of war to demoralise ethnic minorities and destroy the fabric of their society. 

May 28, 2017


Rathedaung- A mentally handicapped man was brutally beaten up by soldiers in the Gadong area of Ratedaung on Tuesday.

Since last week, a huge contingent of Tatmadaw personal have been making rounds in the area. On Tuesday night at around 9pm, they suddenly assumed aggressive positions and charged towards locals in the Shapla para Dokhin Para hamlet. All the Rohingyas ran away save one mentally handicapped man, Abdul Gaffar. Abdul was caught by the military and brutally hit with rifle butts, kicked and punched. He is currently in a critical condition.

The military remained in the civilian area till 3am till which no one remained in their homes.

Local sources have confirmed that Tatmadaw is amassing besides the village every night since last week in huge numbers, creating terror among the local populace. Everyone in the area is passing sleepless nights in anticipation of a coming raid.

May 27, 2017

 0628 ka p

Buthidaung- Joint forces once again launched a raid in the remote village tract of Kyan Taung and burned down eight houses on Wednesday.

At around 2pm, the forces comprising of Tatmadaw, Hlun Htein and MPF officials entered the Ali Rowa hamlet of the village tract and began a house by house search.

At one point, they surrounded eight isolated houses separated from the main settlement by a waterway, and burned it down.

The remote village tract has been tense since May 6 when armed forces raped dozens of women in the hamlet of Themi after an explosion in the nearby hills.

Information from Kyan Taung is difficult to get owing to the remoteness of the area.

Many Rohingyas in the area have been killed in the surrounding hills by Tatmadaw personal in recent years but the cases have gone mainly unreported.

The area does not have neighbouring settlements. The hills surrounding the village tract are inhabited by isolated tribes who stay away from the affairs of the outside world. 

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