April 16, 2017

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Maungdaw- Military raided Hant Gojja Para in Maungdaw North and arrested at least four Rohingya youth on Friday.

The forces suddenly raided Hant Gojja Para and started arbitrarily beating up local villagers on the outskirts. As they started beating the locals with batons, the Rohingyas scattered and ran away. At least four however failed to escape and were apprehended. There is no knowledge on their whereabouts.

Motor bikes used to ferry passengers to the village were also seized.

There are severe food shortages in the area as locals cannot go the nearby woods and waterways as they are occupied by security forces. 

April 15, 2017


Buthidaung- A huge Tatmadaw presence in the hills of northern Buthidaung since the early hours of Friday is spreading terror among Rohingyas of adjacent villages.

Our correspondents from several village tracts have reported that hundreds of military personal are combing the hills in the area.

Many villagers are fearing the Tatmadaw will launch clearance operations in the northern Buthidaung area similar to what took place in northern Maungdaw.

The villages include Shab Bazaar, Daw in Sarah, Ayar Cha, Soou Farang, and others. 

April 15, 2017


Seven huts belonging to Rohingya Muslims were torched by miscreants in the Bhagwati Nagar area of Jammu on Friday, according to reports in the Kashmiri media.

The attack took place at around 3am. Victims say the arson attack took place very swiftly and the attackers fled before anybody could get whiff of the incident.

The incident took place days after Rakesh Gupta, President Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jammu called for stern action to identify and kill Rohingya refugees. Following his call, a refugee was severely assaulted in Patta Bohri, leading to widespread panic among the community in the Jammu area.

Calls to attack the Rohingyas has drawn widespread condemnation, especially from the Kashmiri community which has vowed solidarity with the refugees.  

However, many Rohingyas have moved out of the Bhagwati Nagar area in recent days following threats from influential goons affiliated with nationalist outfits.

Local sources say the police is not investigating attacks against Rohingyas. 

 April 12, 2017


Maungdaw- A madrasa teacher was arrested on trumped up terrorism charges from Raimmakhali in Maungdaw North.

On Monday, a Hlun Htein team went to the house of Md Shafiullah, 32, and made the arrest.

Shafiullah has been taken to the custody where he is facing brutal torture, according to local sources.

Torture of Muslim prisoners continue to be a norm with hundreds dead and many more maimed in recent years.

Even before the clearance operation of 2016, village authorities and security forces were working on a list of educated people engaged in social work for their community. It is feared by the authorities that such people might provide valuable leadership for the Rohingya community in the event of a revolution.  

In recent days, a number of educated people are on the run throughout Maungdaw and Buthidaung as security forces are looking to arrest many of them. 

April 10, 2017


Maungdaw- A Hlun Htein team entered Ludaing in Maungdaw North on Sunday and fired blank shots, spreading panic in the area.

Ludaing was one of the villages at the forefront of the crackdown and as a result villagers fled the area as the gun was fired, fearful that security forces are launching another clearance operation.

However a young man was intercepted and carried away by the Hlun Htein on allegation of possessing a Bangladeshi mobile phone.

Almost a dozen men were earlier arrested and brutally tortured last week. There are reports that two might have died under dreadful torture.

Torture of Muslim prisoners continue to be a common practice, with hundreds reported to have died a slow painful deathful in recent years in custody.   

April 6, 2017

Akyab- A fisherman was brutally assaulted by a Buddhist nationalist gang in Sangra Bil, Kyauktaw.

On Sunday, Mohammed Nazum was fishing near the Painzuma canal when he was met by a gang led by Buddhist monk Hla Maiung Sa from the neighbouring village. The monk told him that last year they had killed 12 Muslims but no action has been taken against them as they fell upon the fisherman.

At one stage of the assault, Nazum managed to escape his attackers and ran away to his village.   

Rohingya villagers in the southern townships including Kyauktaw, Mamra, Pathor Keela and Akyab have been surviving in a state of blockade since the riots of 2012. Activists allege this is a systematic effort to keep the Rohingyas away from the woods and waterways from where they can earn a living, thus create starvation and force the beleaguered community to move out of the area.

A tense atmosphere is currently prevailing in Sangra Bil as locals wonder how they can continue to earn a livelihood with the Buddhist nationalist gangs roaming around freely around their settlements.


April 4, 2017

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Maungdaw- Two men arrested from Ludaing are in critical condition following brutal torture in the Thanashuk.

Md Hossain (s/o Sayeed Ullah) and Md Idris (s/o Md Hashim) are in a near death state and might die anytime, according to sources in Maungdaw town.

One source however said the two men have already died on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the situation of the nine other detainees are also worrisome as they continue to be subjected to unbearable torture.

Custodial torture of Rohingya men are common with hundreds dead and many more maimed since 2012. Thousands of Rohingya men arrested in recent years have been subjected to merciless torture.

Some men who were arrested during the clearance operation had their eyes gouged out in the Thanashuk.

Incidentally Ludaing was raided on Saturday, and almost a hundred detained. These 11 men were then taken away by the joint forces.

Ludaing was one of the villages that was continuously attacked from October to December last year with dozens killed and many raped.

Much of the population had already fled to Bangladesh. 

April 7, 2017

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Maungdaw- Hlun Htein entered Shab Bazar in northern Maungdaw and assaulted a villager. They also threatened to arrest 30 more men from the area whom they said were involved in suspicious activities.

On Wednesday, around 50 personal surrounded the neighbourhood of Ke Ke Ya from all sides. They entered all the houses and checked their names against the family list. At this point, they arrested a man named Abdu Shukkur for no apparent reason. He was taken to the camp and brutally beaten up.

Shukkur was rushed to the hospital but has since been released. Local sources however say his condition remains critical.

 On Thursday, the Hlun Htein went back to the village and said they have a list of 30 people involved in suspicious activities. The list included school students and other educated people.

A tense atmosphere is prevailing in the area. 

April 5, 2017

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Buthidaung- A tensed atmosphere is prevailing in the Let We Dat area of Buthidaung North after Tatmadaw personal demolished an old mosque in the area.

Tatmadaw men went to the Boktoli Bazar neighbourhood on Tuesday to destroy the mosque.

Earlier Tatmadaw officials had ordered local Rohingyas to demolish the mosque but they had ignored the directive.

The mosque was built in the colonial era. However, the authorities say the mosque does not have proper permission, though its existence predates the independence of modern Myanmar.

Last year, state authorities declared thousands of houses and mosques built by the Muslims will be demolished as they did not have ‘proper government authorisation’. 

April 4, 2017

Buthidaung- Few villagers are reported to have been arrested from Shabb Bazar in northern Buthidaung.

At around 1am on Monday, joint forces comprising of Tatmadaw and Hlun Htein personal surrounded the village tract. They later went into the village and detained some villagers.

The arrested men were taken by two boats to the station in Taung Bazaar.

The charges are not known. prison

April 7, 2017

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Maungdaw- Hlun Htein personal arrested one man and fined another on trumped up charges of possessing illegal Bangladeshi phones in the restive village tract of Bura Shidha Para on Wednesday.

The arrested man has been identified as Sayedul Amin. He was assaulted before his arrest, and there is confusion regarding his current whereabouts with family members fearing he has been tortured.

Another villager, Noor Kabir was forced to pay 300,000 kyats for allegedly possessing a mobile phone.  

The Hlun Htein men entered the village for ‘investigating’ rape allegations filed by local women against Tatmadaw personal.

The complaints from the Bura Shidha Para women are only one of the two cases where Rohingyas have been allowed to file rape charges against the Tatmadaw.

It is estimated much of the female populace in some of the village tracts in Maungdaw North were sexually harassed during the Tatmadaw led clearance operation.

The government has formed investigation commissions which have promised to deliver justice, but independent analysts have questioned their motives.

Last week, the Maungdaw District Administrator reaffirmed the government’s commitment to punish rapists, a sentiment echoed by Aung Saan Suu Kyi. However as the event demonstrates, it is difficult to expect justice when the forces involved in crimes against the Muslim community are delegated the responsibility of righting the wrong. 

April 5, 2017


Maungdaw- Unidentified assailants killed a pro government man in May Rulla, Maungdaw South.

At around 1.30 am on Monday, Anwar was found dead some distance away from his neighbourhood. It is assumed that he was kidnapped from somewhere outside his home in the late hours.  

Local sources say Anwar was heavily involved in the oppression of innocent Rohingya villagers with the backing of security forces.

April 4, 2017

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Buthidaung- A village leader was murdered under mysterious circumstances leading to increased tensions in the restive village tract of Ta Mi.

Hamid Ullah, assistant administrator of Ta Mi was killed by unknown miscreants at around 1am on Saturday.

Since then soldiers have once again flooded the area causing increased tensions.

Ta Mi has experienced continuous raids since January with many arrested and tortured while scores including women were indiscriminately beaten up by security forces.

It is reported that the deceased man was also one of those who was beaten up by the military during a raid in January.

However, locals fear the mysterious death will be used as an excuse to further crackdown on civilians.

Reports are already appearing in Myanmar media that Hamid had told the media that he was concerned for his safety after providing Maungdaw District administrators with information about militant training camps in the area. Hamid was speaking to journalists on a tour organised by the Ministry of Information. 

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